e-Platform for School Management

A web-based School Management system enables the students, teachers, parents and the management to be in touch with each other at all times. They can access the application from anywhere in the world to know about the status and update of day-to-day activities. That means it can build the connection between technology and personal experience.

As the parents of the students are busy these days, this management system helps them monitor their children from anywhere. They can check their children's academic performance from a remote location, and the teacher's can post specific notes about the student to their parents. They can also deposit the school fees, bus fees etc., using online payment integrated with this software.

As this software enables to improve the accessibility of information, the aim of this software is to increase parental awareness of on-going processes in the school and to facilitate the preparation of reports for the teachers. By this software, it is possible to completely swap traditional paper based grade book.

Now school administration becomes less time consuming...


e-Platform for HRMS

E-HRMS is a web-based software for human resource management system. ITLaddu Technology Private Limited has unveiled this useful venture for the domestic market in India. With the minimal IT resources, you can update your sourcing, employers and job seekers management process. It manages the acquisition of employees in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Quickly hiring is no longer an option for you. When you need to build a long-term talent pool, E-HRMs will fulfill your desire.

E-HRMs have been designed with three effectual features namely Recruitment management, Appraisal management and Payroll Management.

Recruitment Management: It is the most useful part of this software solution can help you ensure that you find right candidates. It enables to collaboratively schedule interviews of candidates, capture feedback, and generate the ranks of candidate to accelerate in time of selection.

Appraisal Management: Performance Appraisal is a part of career development of an employee. This feature will help you to evaluate the performance growth of the candidates.

Payroll Management: It is an integrated solution for generating, managing and looking after the employee details and payroll process. It can give you productivity boosting payroll solutions.

In fact, it is around 90% faster that manual system.


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